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Understand LAG Style and Learn It to Make Opponent Uncomfortable at The Poker Table

In poker, loose aggressive game style is LAG and tight aggressive game style is TAG. Both kind of players are tremendously different but the misunderstanding of LAG players is what makes it the most profitable style to play in this era’s micro games.

What is LAG?

LAG player plays more hands aggressively. LAG style is not appropriate for everyone. You need to understand the spot you get into and quickly apply an optimal or near-to-optimal line. LAG players are solid because they understand situations, make adjustments accordingly and have an art to imply well-time pressure [secret ingredient of their success].

A good LAG player at the table can be a constant itch in opponent’s side. They frequently fire more on continuation bets, raise and 3-bet flop, are not concerned to barrel all 3 streets and ready to pounce on smallest signs of vulnerability.

Online situs poker includes passive poker played tight and loose but majority of players are adopting LAG strategy.

What is LAG strategy?

In LAG style, players slacken off their starting hand needs [plenty of hands are played] and play them aggressively [betting and raising]. All LAGS differ. Bad LAG players are repeatedly irresponsible and can hardly get a chance to fold. Alternatively, an aware LAG player is familiar with the fine distinction of playing this style and will fold on time. Bad LAG players can be an annoying opponent but wise LAG can devastate your bankroll if you lose your vigilance.

Starting hands

Few LAGs coolly play any 2 cards dealt to them. They depend on their post flop or aggression skills to outsmart their opponents the moment community cards get played. Therefore, if you are thinking of playing LAG style poker than, it is recommended to plan a structure to your requirements of starting hand. It is revealed that LAGs play 30% hands dealt to them. You will have difficulty in identifying, if this LAG opponent is weak or strong pre-flop or whether they are gambling with a set or a pair or a bluff or a draw post flop.

  1. First thing to consider playing LAG opponent is to study your starting hand requirements. Even if you have perfect legitimate hand, a good LAG opponent makes sure that you don’t get to see cheap showdown.
  2. Play strong hands slowly pre and post flop when you are against LAG opponent.

Never overuse tips mentioned above because you become easy to read, which your opponent can identify and call your bluff eventually. Learn LAG style and make things less comfy for other players at the poker table.